Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim was founded on the remains of Kibbutz Ein Tzurim, which was destroyed in the War of Independence.  The original founders of Rosh Tzurim were members of Bnei Akiva, the religious scouts, and second generation Kibbutz members.  They were later joined by additional Nachal groups and a number of Bnei Akiva garinim from abroad.


Close to ten years ago the kibbutz members decided that change was needed for the future growth and prosperity of the community.  The kibbutz went through a privatization process and opened its doors to additional families, first through the rental of available houses, and later with the decision to build an additional neighborhood, Nof Tzurim, on the kibbutz.


Today there are close to one hundred families ranging from young newlyweds, many young families, and even a few retired couples. 


The future plans of Nof Tzurim  include approximately 100 families (there are presently 35 families living there).  The next stage of houses is under construction, and the following stage is being planned together with the potential buyers.


In a nutshell:


Founding:        3 Tishrei 5730, summer 1969.


Type of community:    Yishuv Kehilati and a kibbutz.


Location:                 Central Gush Etzion, approximately 20 k"m south of Jerusalem.


Population:      Over 100 families, from young couples to pensioners.

                        250 children under the age of 18, 50 youngsters over the age of 18.


Housing:          Houses for Sale (for all size families) and Rentals (for small families).


Services:         Religious:  One synagogue (two minyanim for Rosh Hashana and Yom

Kippur Sephardi and Ashkenazi).

Mikveh, Beit Medrash.

Yishuv Rabbi: HaRav Mordechai Vardi

Sheurim: Daf Yomi, evening Gemara sheur, women's sheur, Parshat Shavua sheurim from kindergarten to adults, Limud Horim Ve'Yeladim.

Education: Nursery and two kindergartens, elementary school: regional

and local (Bet Sefer Reshit). High school: students learn in gush etzion and in Jerusalem, plus there is an Ulpana (Orot Etzion) on the yishuv and a school for special education (Sadnat Shiluv). 

Informal education: Bnei Akiva and young couples who serve as youth counselors.

Children's library.

Health:              Branch of Kupat Cholim Klalit, alternative medicine, and cosmetician .

Sport and Recreation:  Library, gym, children's clubhouses, playgrounds, video library, active cultural committee.

General:            Gardening, security, office and postal services, mini-market.


Employment:                 Available in Gush Etzion and Jerusalem.  Members of the community work as far away as Tel Aviv and Be'er Sheva.


Transportation:             Egged busses from 6:00 a.m. till midnight.


Tourism:                       Cherry Picking Festival every year in the month of June, hosting thousands of visitors from all over the country.


For further inquiries:      Address: Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim, D. N. Tzfon Yehuda 90938

                                                Phone:    02-9935411. 02-9931775

                                                Fax:           02-9931777.



For Information concerning purchasing in the new neighborhood:



                                    Sharon Green, 02-9935411. (English)




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