Youth Projects

In the past few years, with increasing unemployment due to the economic situation and terror activities in our region which have resulted in the loss of dear ones, we have witnessed negative social phenomena amongst our youth. There has been an increase in the number of students dropping out of educational frameworks, as well as violent and other negative behaviors. Out of deep concern and worry about escalating numbers, we have been working in a number of ways to deal with the above phenomena.

Current activities:

  • Developing individual programs of study.

  • Appointing instructors and youth leaders, who are in daily contact with youngsters in every community. These leaders initiate and run social activities for youngsters and provide us with early information about those that are at risk

  • The Unit for the Advancement of Youth with the help of specialized social workers, and a drug and alcohol rehabilitation therapist provide guidance and personal instruction to youth leaders for all youngsters and those at risk

  • Staff Training- monthly meetings for youth directors and group discussions, problem solving

  • Parents & teens lectures on different topics: Abuse, alcohol, drugs, etc.

  • Transportation for trips outside the community twice a year

  • Workshops on different topics for the youth in the different communities, drama, music, cooking

  • Special courses given in groups

  • A new concept the youth caf? by the kids and under the supervision of the JCC

  • Special appointments and therapy when needed for families that cannot afford this in their budget

Target Population - 200 youth at risk

Work with adolescents is very complex. They feel independent and that they donít need any help from others. Adolescents that have dropped out of their educational framework and are on the border of violence, and at times even in the midst of violence, is a difficult group to reach. As life in Israel is full of violence with war between Arabs and Jews, fighting between right and left, religious and secular, the large amount of time on the internet, the chances for the adolescent to react with physical and verbal violence is increased. Rather than teaching them what is not good, we thought to create an original project not by dictating to them, or lecturing them, but by connecting with them and having them receive positive messages, and options without violence. Rather than working head to head, we think working together will give the most positive results.

Research has proven that strengthening positive social interactions are a factor that can lower the level of violence in a social framework. Any tool that can lower the distance and the separation can serve our goals

The activities during the day will be given in areas of interest for the youth, such that with the building of a strong infrastructure that will be able to serve their needs. We are talking about a project with at least 200 participants.

This is a joint venture between the Chevrat Lamatnasim (JCC), Ministry of Education, the Regional Council and the Gush Etzion Foundation. The Foundation participates where government funding has ended or there is no funding at all. The youth project is an existing project, we are asking for funds to expand our activities.


Staff Training 12 Annual meetings $6,000
Parents & teens lectures Different topics 6x a year $5,200
Transportation- trips 300-500$ per bus size 2x a year per community $15,000
Workshops Joint all communities 2x a month $7,200
Special Courses Magen David Adom Self Defense Army preparation Computers( may change) Youth participation in cost, but also subsidized $10,800
Laptop for Youth Caf? printer, software 1X $2,300
Special needs and therapy $2,500
Total $49,000


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