Gush Etzion Security

With the enormous responsibility of safeguarding Gush Etzion`s over 55,000 residents, the Security Department works in constant cooperation with the army and the police force to expand and maintain the region's security infrastructure, oversee ongoing security activities and provide comprehensive emergency services.

Despite the uprising that severely augmented our security needs, the government has not been able to make substantial contributions for the numerous emergency requirements that have been thrust upon us. Notwithstanding the difficult economic situation, the increased cost for the stringent security requirements has fallen upon us. Fortunately, many generous benefactors have shown tremendous support, but the needs are still great and additional support is essential for our security. Expensive security measures must be implemented all over Gush Etzion. .

By the order of the IDF, we must provide security guards at every school building and for every class trip. In order to fund this additional expense, we have been forced to cut deeply into the overall budget for operating a municipality. While we hoped that the additional security measures would be temporary, they have only been accompanied by more drastic cuts in government assistance.

Building and maintaining a secure environment: In recent years, the Security Department has built and paved 60 km. of security roads, erected more than 76 km. of security fencing, added and renovated bright lighting around communities, and installed electric gates at the entrance to each community. The Department provides each community with a security jeep, furnished with essential lighting, communications and first-aid systems.

Coordinating all emergency services: Gush Etzion`s new Regional Emergency Station, brings all emergency services together under one roof. Currently housing a professionally-staffed fire station and two rescue units - one for rescue from automobile accidents or security-related incidents and the other for locating and rescuing hikers in distress in the Judean Desert - the Station will soon become the central dispatcher for the region's 11 ambulances and mobile intensive care unit. A trauma treatment center will provide the highest quality care in times of emergency, ensuring the fastest, most effective reaction to any crisis.

Comprehensive protection for everyone in the region: From schoolchildren to tourists, the well-being of every individual in the Gush Etzion area depends on Security Department responsibilities, among them:

  • Guarding and providing security systems for schools and public institutions

  • Arranging permits and army accompaniment for school trips, visiting groups and other outings

  • Overseeing civil guard activities in each community

  • Organizing drills of emergency procedures

  • Maintaining security communications systems

Projects requiring funding :

    1. Equipment for rescue team $25,000

    2. 20 high grade Walkie Talkies for rapid response teams at 400$ each, $8000

    3. Local first aid course for rescue team : Per course : $8,000

    4. Equipment for Emergency Defense Unit 100 Flashlights for rifles for night activity $80 per unit: $8000

Individuals, schools or synagogues may be interested in purchasing specific security equipment for as low as a few hundred dollars. Donations may be earmarked in honor of, or in memory of a loved one, and proper acknowledgement will be sent.


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