The "Sadna" (the workshop)

Hello, my name is Judah and I live in a beautiful apartment with 5 friends in the Judean Hills in a community called Rosh Tzurim. I have a wonderful counselor that I love. He teaches me how to tidy up the house, cook, and fold laundry. At noon I milk goats and clean the pen. I'm learning to live alone and I go to visit my family most Fridays. (Judah is 17 years old and was born with Down syndrome)

I am Sivan. I live with my parents. Because of my illness they remain with me the whole day and therefore are unable to work. It is hard to find friends. They wanted to send me to learn in an institution. It's a tough place. I understand things and have feelings. I'm sad. I really want to live in the Sadna with friends. (Sivan is 15 years old and suffers from pdd and muscular dystrophy.)

What is the Sadna?

The Sadna is located in Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim in the Judean Hills and surrounded by a wooded area. The Sadna offers housing and employment for young adults aged 15-26 who do not fit in the normal social framework as a result of disorders such as intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome, autism, muscular dystrophy, and physical and psychological problems. In addition, some children suffer due to financial hardships and social problems at home.

The residents of the Sadna previously studied at the Reishit School which mainstreams normal children with special needs children. At the end of the eighth grade, both groups continue to high school. The challenged children are divided into two groups. Those that can be mainstreamed continue with their friends in a regular classroom and are given personal assistance. The second group is unfortunately forced to return to their parents without a framework. The community village, the Sadna, was created for this group. In the Sadna these young adults have special housing and live seven days a week including holidays. They visit their parents from time to time.

What is special about life in the Sadna?

This unique communal village provides housing in an apartment with several boys. Furthermore, the Sadna enables them to learn and work according to their ability and to advance as independently as possible. Work in agriculture was introduced as part of their preparation for adulthood. Students are trained as workers and counselors. The professional staff lives on the premises, supervises the program, and monitors the studentsí development and achievements on a regular basis.

The students are mainly occupied in work on the farm, in the dairy, therapeutic riding and in an arts and crafts center. This special framework relieves the parents of these young adults so that they can tend to the other family members.

What can you do to fulfill the dream of Sivan?

The existing framework is only for boys. The girls' quarters are currently under construction in an identical framework. We received a small sum for renovating a building. In addition, there is a national fundraising event called "Swim4Sadna" in which women participate in a special swim across the Sea of Galilee. Each swimmer is asked to raise the sum of 2000NIS and contribute the money to the Sadna. Other funding sources for the Sadna

The Ministry of Social Affairs does not permit tuition. Therefore the Ministry funds the food budget and pays the salaries of the instructors and staff. There are also donations from foundations and individuals. But it's still is not enough to meet the needs.

We need your help to enable Sivan and her friends to live in a furnished apartment and enjoy a great quality of life. You are invited on a tour of the kibbutz and a visit to the Sadna.

All photographs are published with the approval of parents.

    What you can do to help!

    Cetegory Amount (in NIS) Total
    Bedding 10 X 300 3,000
    Beds and Mattresses 10 X 1,000 10,000
    Closets 3 X 1,000 3,000
    Dining Room Table 1 X 2,500 2,500
    Chairs 5 X 15 75
    Air Conditioner 2 X 8,000 16,000
    Refrigerator 1 X 4,000 4,000
    Washer Dryer 1 X 3,500 3,500
    Microwave 1 X 400 400
    Oven 1 X 2,500 2,500
    Toaster Oven 1 X 500 500
    Electric Kettle 1 X 150 150
    Kitchen Utensils 7,000
    TOTAL 53,300 NIS

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