The Regional Community Center of Gush Etzion

The Community Center is part of the Israel Association of Community Centers.

Established in 1981, the Community Center’s (matnas) mission was to improve the quality of life in Gush Etzion’s communities. Its unique approach encompasses a comprehensive range of programs available to residents of all ages and specially tailored to meet the needs of each community in which it operates Commonly considered a place to spend leisure time and have fun, the essential goal of today’s member community centers or “matnasim” is to improve the quality of life, based on the needs and values of the individual community.

Main Activities

Early Childhood and Parenting

A wide range of activities for babies, toddlers and their parents are offered at the centers in each community. This both allows the children to attend a full week day care center and frees mothers to seek employment outside the home. In addition, a guidance center offers caretakers and parents a range of integrated services, including programs that are culturally appropriate and designed to train and offer them enrichment and support to succeed. Ages: 3 months – 3 years

The Youth Coordinator Training Program

The program will train groups of youth coordinators and counselors working in community centers in our communities. They will learn essential skills needed to initiate activities and interact with the youngsters after school hours.

Senior Citizens

Golden Agers Club: At present there are two centers and a coordinator. This gives the senior citizens in our communities an opportunity to socialize twice a week and enjoy various activities and day trips. This wonderful group has also published a book called The Golden Pens of Gush Etzion. All purchases of this book will go to fund extra activities.

Cultural Awareness

The Community Center promotes a wide range of cultural activities in the fields of theatre, entertainment, music, art, and literature and acts as the local theatre where many Israeli and Gush Etzion performers appear. Programs and afternoon activities in art, cinema, theater, and music as well as exhibitions of local and national artists, sports events, and nature activities take place at the center.

Immigrant Absorption

The center assists in the social absorption of immigrants through Hebrew-language ulpans, integration and empowerment programs and tours to get to know the country.

Study Centers

The objective of the study centers is to minimize the high school drop-out rate through individual enrichment and to help prepare for transitions to junior high and high school.

Community Development

Strengthening the mechanisms of individual and group processes aimed at personal, group and community empowerment.

National Heritage

Expanding the knowledge of Israel, Zionism and Jewish traditions by means of field trips and guest lecturers.

Additional Programs

In addition to the programs mentioned above, the Community Center conducts programs in the areas of special-needs populations; crisis intervention; immigrant absorption; arts and culture; media and communications; and sports and health together with the Community Welfare Department of the Regional Council. The Community Center has proven its effectiveness in offering solutions to all of the rich mosaic that Gush has to offer, in accordance with each community’s needs. It seeks funding partners that will enable it to expand its vital and proven programs to additional communities and involve additional participants within each community.


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