Hot Lunch Program

The afternoon meal program is for kindergarten and school age children .The government together with the Ministry of Education is funding this project. Every family is required to participate in funding the hot meal program, for their children. Unfortunately there are families that cannot afford to pay. Additional and private funding is needed in order to assist the families that cannot afford to pay, so that every child receives a warm meal.

Rather than sending these underprivileged children home at the end of the short school day where nutrition and other needs are not being met, we provide afternoon educational and enrichment activities, along with a hot meal to a growing number of participants from the weakest part of our population. This program plays an important role in enriching the lives of the participating children. This year we need to cover the additional funding for 150 children. One meal costs 10nis, 5 days a week.

We need 20,000$ for this project.


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