Education in Gush Etzion Reflects Children’s Individual Needs and Region’s Unique History

Today’s students are tomorrow’s Israeli leaders.

Gush Etzion is known throughout Israel for its high standard of education. It recently received the Ministry of Education prize for Excellence in Education Award. At the same time, the schools of Gush Etzion are a shining example of integration of immigrants and veterans, religious and secular, and Ashkenazi and Sephardi.

Gush Etzion, numbering 55,000 plus residents, has always been part of the national consensus. There are two ultra-orthodox schools, a unique integrated school in Tekoa which caters to both secular and observant students, 5 religious elementary schools, 6 high schools, 2 Hesder yeshivas (combining religious study with army service), 2 pre-military academies, a teachers’ seminary, a Rabbinical seminary and a women’s Torah college.

The Council is also responsible for 14 community early childhood day-care centers and 50 kindergartens. Afternoon programs exist in many communities which include nutritional hot lunches to help the underprivileged and provide extra assistance with school work for students coming from families where this support is not available

In order to make quality education available to all of its children, the Gush Etzion Regional Council allocates a large portion of its annual budget for education.

With this funding, the Education Department

  • Provides classes and subjects that are not covered by the Ministry of Education budget, including extra hours of learning, advanced Torah studies, special math groups, art, music and remedial services.

  • Makes activities in art, science and communications available to kindergartens throughout the region and maintains a pedagogical resource center for teachers of young children.

  • Oversees all psychological services for children in the region, and is a partner in the Gush Etzion Child Development Center, which provides diagnostic evaluations, physical, occupational and speech therapy and related services.

  • Maintains and improves the region's educational facilities, overseeing the construction and renovation of school buildings and furnishing them with computers, video equipment, laboratory requirements and other essentials.

  • Organizes daily school bus service for 5500 children, arranges free public transportation for other children and provides transportation for children with special needs and education workers across the region.

With the necessary funding we can provide quality education in a creative environment. Therefore, donations for this vital addition to our Region are a direct investment in Israel’s future. Donor recognition will be given for funding assistance.

    Regional Elementary School
    Assembly Hall and Beth Midrash- building and infrastructure $500,000
    Completion of Sports Court, Playground and playground equipment $130,000


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