Maaleh Rehavam
Name of Yishuv  Maaleh Rehavam
Address  DN North Judae Nokdim, Gush Etzion
Phone: Gidi 052 3 812187 Drori 052 2 639492
Fax:  02 6236347
Date of establishment  Sept 2001
Founding body : Amana, Regional Council, Jewish Agency settlement division, private individuals
Location: Eastern block of Gush Etzion, on the edge of the desert
Goals: To be pioneers in the establishment of new communities in Gush Etzion, to populate the wilderness and help it blossom
Type/character: rural population, mixed religious and secular
Number of families     3 families and 6 singles
Housing: mobile homes
Climate:  Desert
Employment:  Building or agriculture in the community, or private work in Gush Etzion or Jerusalem
Transportation: private cars of bus 167 to Kfar Eldad


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